Michiel Snijder - Projectmanager ICT

Michiel Snijder Projectmanager @ Kees Internetbureau

Passionate about travelling, skiing and the internet. Graduated from The Hague University in 2009 as Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology. Since 2011 projectmanager at Kees™ Internetbureau in Leiden, the Netherlands.

  • Was born in 1987
  • Travelled 24+ countries
  • Worked in Austria
  • Loves pepperoni pizza
  • Must go skiing every year
  • Worked as a barkeeper
  • Sometimes too honest
  • Likes Mumford and Sons
  • Does not play any computer games
  • Started in 2009 as Front-end Developer
  • Speaks German
  • Brushes his teeth with an electric toothbrush
  • Wants to go to Antartica
  • Works on a macbook
  • Does not like oysters
  • Did an internship in Vienna, Austria
  • Worked in England
  • Used to ride a Puch
  • Drinks Hertog Jan
  • Since 2011 projectmanager
  • Does not speak Swahili
  • Climbed Le Morne on Mauritius
  • Broke his tooth on a coconut
  • Attended University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, Austria